Multipoint Wireless Configurations

There are several ways to create multipoint connections with the Bluetooth Wireless Serial Adapters. The illustrations below show the different methods. Your choice depends of the need of your particular application. Below each figure is a description of advantages of each scenario.

Multipoint Bluetooth Wireless Adapter and CNC Computers
Figure 1

Figure1 illustrates a scenario where the master computer can communicate with all remote devices concurrently. In this scenario a multiport card is required. Each serial port on the multiport card will connect to a wireless adapter that is paired to another wireless adapter connected to the remote. This scenario would be used where the ability to communicate with all remotes at the same time is necessary.


Bluetooth Wireless Serial Adapter Multipoint
Figure 2

Figure 2 illustrates a scenario where the master computer can communicate with one remote device at a time. Our software utility can be used to connect the master adapter to the desired remote adapter.