Wiring For Devices Requiring DTR/DSR

Some devices require a signal on both CTS & DSR. The Bluetooth Wireless Serial Adapter simply loopback DTR to DSR. If the device requires a DSR signal but does not provide a DTR signal then the DSR signal will be missing. To Solve this problem a short custom cable as shown below will solve the problem. Generally hardware flow control should be disabled on the Wireless Serial Adapter when this wiring is used. You can purchase this adapter <here>.

Adapter Side Equipment Side
Pin 2 (RxD) Pin2 (RxD)
Pin 3 (RxD) Pin3 (RxD)
Pin5 (GND) Pin5 (GND)
Pin7 (RTS) Pin4 (DTR)
Pin7 (RTS)
Pin8 (CTS) Pin6 (DSR)
Pin8 (CTS)