COMM-DRV/Lib: CdrvCheckTime() Determine if time expired form a previous call to CdrvSetTime()


This function returns whether a time period set by a previous call to CdrvSetTime() has expired. Additionally, if the CdrvSetTimeoutFunction() was used to install a time-out function, then that time-out function will be called each time this routine is called. That time-out function can control the status returned by this function.


stat = CdrvCheckTime(timerblk);

On Entry-

unsigned int *timerblk;

Timer controlled block that was previously initialized by CdrvSetTime().

On Exit-

int stat;

If the CdrvSetTimeoutFunction() was not called to install a user time-out function then the return values are as follows.

0 If timer expired.

!=0 If timer not expired.

If the CdrvSetTimeoutFunction() was called to install a user function, this function returns the return value of the user function immediately.

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int  stat;
int  port=0;
int  time_interval=18;
int  timerblk[10];
if ((stat = CdrvSetTime(port,time_interval,timerblk)) == -1)
   printf("Error setting timer\n");
   /* Take remedial action */
while(CdrvCheckTime(timerblk) != 0)
    /* Do desired work for "timer not expired yet" */