Company Profile

WCSC is a Texas based company. The company was founded and capitalized in 1985. It is a member of the IEEE, ASME, and many other professional organizations. It is registered with DUNS & BRADSTREET .

WCSC wireless serial communication and serial communication development tools. We developed serial communication libraries, serial communication DLLs, serial communication VxDs, and other serial communication tools for the developer market.

WCSC‘s  tools are used in industrial, scientific, retail, transaction processing, data acquisition, BBS, and many other applications. Several major commercial and governmental applications were developed with our tools.

WCSC‘s multiport cards (RS232, RS422, RS485) are used in thousand of mission critical application across the world. Our Bluetooth wireless adapters are used to connect CNC machines, medical equipment, and any other device needing serial communication connectivity.

WCSC customers include NASA, Bell Laboratories, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, AT&T, IBM, FORD, Lockheed, Motorola, GM, Duns & Bradstreet, Associated Press, GTEK, Symantec, CBS, Microsoft, US Robotics, Borland, as well as various US governmental agencies, foreign companies, and foreign governmental agencies.

WCSC‘s products have been advertised in several computer magazines and journals. These include Circuit Cellar Magazine, C/C++ User’s Journal, Dr. Dobbs Journal, Windows/DOS Developers Journal, Visual Developer, Midnight Engineer, and several Microsoft directories.